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Embroidered skirt

For this week’s post I decided to style a denim skirt with a choker top and over the knee black boots. Embroidery has become one of the top trends from the runway like brands Gucci and Alexander McQueen. This trend can be seen on a variety of things such as shoes, clothing and accessories. One of the items that I have seen this trend on the most lately is denim. Pants, jackets, skirts and shorts all become cute and unique items with a little embroidery. 6 The main element in this outfit is the skirt. This skirt can be dressed down with sneakers for a more casual look but, I decided to dress it up a little bit. Since this is a darker wash denim skirt I opted for a black top and black shoe to pair it with. 2I like this top because the material was really soft and easy to put on. It’s also really simple and can match with a lot of different things. I already love chokers so the fact that its already in the shirt is just perfect for me. Since the skirt is a little high waisted i tucked the long sleeve into the skirt so that it look more fitted and clean. This also gives you a nice hourglass shape.

1 And now the shoes! (my favorite part). These over the knee boots were a hard find. I was looking for a cute but low, chunky heel so i could wear it with a lot of different things without my feet hurting after too long. Comfort is key, guys. I have small legs so finding boots like this that fit around my thigh perfect was very hard. They do have a cute string tie in the back that’s adjustable but for the most part they fit my legs perfectly. I love how this looks with the skirt and top. Lastly, I paired this whole outfit with a small black purse thats perfect for carrying just enough and doesn’t look too bulky just in case i wanted to wear this outfit out for the night.5


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Outfit Details: Top & purse-Nordstrom. Skirt- Topshop. Boots- Steve Madden

Catch of the day

Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. My apologies, I have been SO busy with school and trying to earn my degree I haven’t had time to do posts :'(. I have recently made the move to LA (finally) and am inspired daily by others and it motivated me to get back on here and share my love for fashion once again with whoever wants to come read and get inspo from my site. I appreciate everyone’s support and I promise I’ll be writing on here more often!

So, let’s get to it!

Fishnets are a huge trend right now and I have fallen in love with them. It was hard for me to find a pair for a while but when I did I purchased them immediately. Fishnets can be really versatile. You can wear small or big fishnets with skirts, shorts, dresses or jeans. They can be edgy but also worn in a classy way as well.

For this look, I decided to style a DIY crop top out of an old oversized black tee I had in my closet. All I did was roll up the front part and put a rubber band on it to create this cute knot in the middle.

Then, I styled the fishnets underneath a pair of ripped denim. I wanted the fishnets to come up past the waist so it creates dimension between the crop top and jeans and also adds the same thing towards the bottom between my jeans and shoes. Lastly, I paired it with these classic vans shoes which everyone seems to be loving right now (they are super comfy), a small backpack and some sunnies.


If you love this outfit, have questions or comments please feel free to write to me below.


Outfit Details: Top- old oversized black tee I had in my closet. Jeans- Topshop. Fishnets-Nordstrom. Shoes- Vans. Backpack- Zara